• QCan the LINE it! Button be installed on PCs and feature phones?
    AWhen installed on devices other than iOS and Android, clicking the Button will open the LINE website.
    Please install it only on websites and apps developed for iOS and Android.
  • QWhat kind of data can be sent using the LINE it! Button? Does it support video or sound files?
    ACurrently, only text may be sent. Images, videos, and sound files are not supported.
  • QCan I use my original button in place of the LINE it! Button?
    AOnly the official Buttons may be used. The use of all other buttons is prohibited.
    You may download them from the How to Install page.
  • QWhy do text sent via LINE become garbled?
    AThe encoding may be incorrect.
    Please ensure that the sent text is percent-encoded according to the UTF-8 Unicode.
  • QIs there anything that may not be sent using LINE it!?
    AIllegal, excessively violent, adult-oriented content, and content leading to spam sites are prohibited under the Guidelines.
    Please read the Guidelines for all prohibitions.
  • QIs there any way to not display the web page after clicking the LINE it! Button?
    AWe have provided two formats; one that displays the webpage and one that does not. Please refer to Format 2 under Technical Specifications on the How to Install page.
  • QIs there a limit to the number of characters that can be sent using the LINE it! Button?
    AYou can send up to 500 characters using the LINE it! Button.
  • QDo you provide phone support?
    AWe do not presently provide phone support. Please contact us through the inquiry form if you have any questions.
  • QImages cannot be sent on iOS7.
    ASending of images is not supported on iOS7. We apologize for this inconvenience.